No More Rat Race

I hope this post reaches millions of people who have been struggling long before our current crisis. Do you want to get out of your rat race? How my years have you been working that same job or profession? Will you have something left when you retire? Or, will you have to keep working beyond your retirement years?

The reason why I asked those questions is because many will struggle after their retirement age. An astounding 64% of Americans aren’t even prepared for retirement. I actually worked with several people who are over the age of 70, and their reasons for working aren’t the usual excuses such as “I just want to stay active,” or “I just need to get out of the house and communicate with others.” No, they are doing it because they have no savings or nest eggs to see them through their golden years. Not to mention, they have nothing to leave their children or grandchildren.

I really feel for them because they were abused by the rat race. I’m sure some of you heard of the “Grasshopper in the Jar.” Well, when a grasshopper in a jar jumps it only gets as high and as far as the lid allows. When people exist they only can exist as much as certain higher orders allow.

In other words, many have been conditioned to go as far as their parents, society, or themselves have allowed them to go. In many cases people never dreamed of living beyond their current social conditions. Some say that the “Man” has been holding them back, others blame their religious upbringing, and 0thers say that they don’t know anything but the “Streets.” Well, I’m here to tell you that there is an opportunity that can turn your life around and make it big!

This is an if you want it bad enough offer. But, I have one more question; how long have you been struggling doing the same thing? I’m sure many reading this would say, “All of my life!” If that’s you, pay close attention to what I’m about to tell you. Most of your struggles are not your fault.

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Depending on where you live, and your upbringing; you may have been conditioned by your parents to live off of the crumbs and keep your head down. So, you didn’t cause trouble and tried to obey the law. Others were put in poverty bubbles, only to repeat the cycle over and over again. All of this may have forced you to stop your education advancement and hustle for a living. Only problem, there was no gold at the end of that rainbow.

Many repeat these cycles because they were not taught to look for the answers, or to trust someone wiser to help them out. I’ve heard people say “All of that education and those degrees I obtained mean nothing.” Or say, “I’m all about the streets, and my street knowledge is all I need.”

In some cases it is true, we do have a lot of self-made millionaires and billionaires. But, at some point in their lives they had to learn to do more. As wise as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were, those ideas didn’t just come out of thin air. They had to learn how to build great PCs and other devices. They had to have knowledge on how to build a company and hire the right people.

For many the rat race is comfortable. How many want to change for the better especially if self-sacrifice is the answer. If I told you that you could make $12,500 in a weeks time if you put in 5 to 10 years of steady work; would you believe me? Well, how long have you been in your current condition? In fact, many should be running towards an opportunity like the one below because they need a source of long-term financial freedom.

Isn’t it worth a few years to try to make half that amount? I believe that once you see the big picture, you won’t let this go. The beginning may take awhile, but that depends on your dedication. Imagine saying goodbye to your boss in a few years. It will happen if you believe in yourself enough to succeed.

So, watch the video below and join us today for the job of a lifetime. No more rat race for you my friend.

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