This Is Easy! Really Easy.

Recently, I decided to show my 14 year old daughter a marketing video about an amazing company that sells absolute products at absolute prices. Now, before you say “huh”, I want you to understand why I did this. I consider all of my children to be very mature thinkers. They are so intelligent, you will have trouble trying to fool them. Also, my daughter loves her daddy, and she knows that daddy will impart some wisdom.

Well, we watched a 23 minute video about said company, and the presenter started talking about the compensation plan. Once she saw how easy it was, she told me that she could imagine herself and her closest friends doing it. You see, all she could think about was the perks that came with the job.

Some of the perks included cash bonuses, trips, luxury vehicles, and an assortment of products. Next, she got even more excited because all she had to do was sign up, buy something affordable, and then tell someone else about it whenever she has the time. To my surprise she completely got it!

Now, I want you to understand that you are an adult. It doesn’t matter what your educational background is; you have an opportunity to make something great happen for you and your family. Isn’t it worth it to spend the next 2 to 3 years of your life trying to create the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted? Come on, how long have you worked on your current and other jobs for what don’t have or can’t do?

This company pays you for buying their products. I don’t know about you, but the big stores that we shop at weekly or daily don’t pay me for anything. I’m talking about everyday items such as make-up, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and even food items. You can get almost anything, and it comes with a great benefit, the benefit of getting paid for it.

I’m glad that I can finally tell you this because you can make this and more happen if you get started right now. Your placement is important to me and your love ones. Below I will list some reasons you can use to make your decision easier:

  1. It is FREE.
  2. It’s Not a Pyramid scheme.
  3. No, you’re not required to buy regularly.
  4. There is No website fee.
  5. And, there is No annual fee.


  1. You get one true global ID.
  2. Unlimited levels of group over-riding.
  3. Personal Point Value (Permanent).
  4. Unlimited Group Point Value accumulation (Until Commission).

Ladies and gentleman, you are never alone in this endeavor. This isn’t crabs keeping other crabs down. Everyone is responsible for pulling everyone else up. Below is how you work the job:

  1. Sign Up for a member ID.
  2. Tell someone else about your job.
  3. Buy an affordable absolute product. Simple item like a toothbrush.
  4. Watch as your group grows and do the same thing.
  5. Stay active by buying one item a year.
  6. Get paid twice a month.

It’s an easy, simple, money making opportunity, and many can’t even see the vision because they either don’t trust anyone, is scared, or have been burned in the past by a crab like company. Also, I want you to know that you don’t have to give up your careers to do this; continue to work your day job until you see the growth that you’ve been waiting for. Is that fair? So, if you want to be a part of something great; just go to Atomy . And yes, that site is Free.

Please follow these instructions carefully.

1. Watch the entire video.

2. Go explore Atomy Website.

3. Login ID: 16401632

    Password: Freevisit1!

4. Contact Gerald Bailey at for membership information.

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