We’re In This Together

The title is a quote often used by people who are in a common struggle. But, the truth of the matter is that we don’t often mean it when we say it. Well, today I would like to change your perception on this quote.

When I introduced you to a company named Atomy, I really wanted to show you that we’re in this together. The truth is that my success is nothing without your success. When I say that I will work the business for you even if you don’t work it yourself, I meant it.

Unfortunately, many didn’t believe me. That’s because we are Americans who have been conditioned to keeping our eyes closed and ears covered to new opportunities. We always say to ourselves that we need to make more money, but yet when there’s a chance to make it in the right way, we ignore it as if it will hurt us.

I truly want to help everyone that I can and give back to the community through an online marketing COOP. We can build something great because we have the support of a Christian based company with the best plan for success. Everyone that becomes a member will receive compensation because everyone else is receiving compensation. And, everyone’s monthly base salary stops at $50,000 a month.

The reason for this is so everyone can become wealthy without feeling left out. We are truly in this together. Next, we get promoted to master bonus levels in which we make bonus money on top of our salaries. We have the opportunity to run training centers and receive extra monetary incentives.

All of this is made possible by simply signing up. That’s it. Sign up. You keep saying that we’re in this together, but do you mean it. Prove me right and just sign up!

Please follow these instructions carefully.

1. Watch the entire video.

2. Go explore Atomy Website.

3. Login ID: 16401632

    Password: Freevisit1!

4. Contact Gerald Bailey at man50k@50kmonth.com for membership information. Or simply Click “Join Us” to get your Shopping Mall.

Here is a concise explanation from one of us sales leaders:

“A little about HOW Atomy’s Team Building works…With Atomy, you only have to build 2 legs, one on the left and one on the right. The difference between Atomy and other Binary MLMs is that in Atomy there is no personal sponsorship. Anybody entering your downline in either leg thru the efforts of others is EXACTLY the SAME as you personally sponsoring them!

Let me put this in perspective. Say if you sponsor someone in one of your legs and they go out and sponsor 100+ people, it is EXACTLY the same as YOU sponsoring those 100+, there is no difference. The benefit to YOU is the SAME! Not only that, the people that those 100+ bring is the same as you sponsoring them!

If you pause and think about it, you will see Atomy’s potential and get really excited about this business.

I generally don’t like Binaries, but I LOVE Atomy’s Binary. Why? Because it gives me the ultimate leverage. In other Binary systems, you have to be a big recruiter to make money, and only the big marketers make money. In Atomy, the whole Team benefits, not just the recruiter.

Atomy did $1.3 Billion last year, so they must be doing something right. Stay focused with this Company and you simply cannot fail. Any Questions?”

Aziz Jangbar

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